Off To Sleep Away Camp

Yesterday, I dropped off my oldest daughter at the seaport to take her first trip to sleep away camp.  I was holding it together pretty well…then I watch the videos of her walking away with a new friend of hers, Z.  Then my eyes start to fill with tears.  I got this.  She is going to have an AMAZING time at camp, I know it.

I never had the opportunity to go to sleep away camp…heck, I didn’t even know there was such an experience because if I had known, I would’ve begged my parents to let me go!  No electronics (except for cameras to capture some memories), zip lining, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and so much more.  It’s going to be a blast for her and will take her out of her comfort zone.  It’s going to be strangely quiet for me here without her big smiles, hugs, and loud laughs.  Only 6 days to go before she returns.

Some parents have hesitations about sending their kids away to camp.  I did too – what if she falls off the side of the boat on her way to the island, what if there’s a shark, what if she gets eaten by mosquitos?! WHO WILL SAVE HER?!  Then I snap back to reality and realize that she’s nearly 8 years old, my husband and I have done a pretty good job raising her and she’s proven to make good choices and decisions when she’s on her own.  She has also proven to be respectful.  She is going to grow significantly from this one week and I hope she’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

I’m excited for this new adventure for her and I cannot wait to hear her stories!




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