Monday Morning Mantra – Be the Flamingo

In an effort to motivate and inspire my fellow working mamas, I’m bringing to you the Monday Morning Mantra.  


What are your plans this week to stand out and be awesome?  My manager and I know that I am a mover – that I push for change and improvement.  We both also know that I have little patience for people who move a little slower than I do.  I did a survey last month at work on my performance and sent it to out to 20+ managers that I work with throughout the year.  Whoa!  Talk about honest feedback!  While the majority was good feedback, there were also some areas for improvement.

In last week’s Monday Morning Mantra, I mentioned that we should choose to see the good stuff BUT there are times when you need to reflect on the negative in order to make something positive out of it (<–I guess this is a way to see the good stuff).  One of the areas for improvement was that I was harsh.  Ouch!  Well, I sort of knew this because of my little patience for people who just don’t get it.  My communications are succinct and they apparently come off as rude and…harsh!  After speaking to a few different people, whom I highly respect, is to start initial email communications with “Hello [insert name]” and if after 2 responses to emails about the SAME topic, go and speak to that person…have a conversation.

This is going to be difficult for me but it will probably help me stand out a bit from others who refuse to communicate and continue to hide behind their computers.

Share how you plan on being a flamingo today in the comments below! #betheflamingo


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