Monday Morning Mantra – The Good Stuff

In an effort to motivate and inspire my fellow working mamas, I’m bringing to you the Monday Morning Mantra.  

Good Stuff

There are days that I daydream about being at home and working part time so that I could be there to walk the kids to school or pick them up, etc.  There are days that I wish I had MORE time to be able to plan these amazing gourmet meals that my family would eat and enjoy.  There are days that I wish would just be over and done with because I’m exhausted from the struggles.

But I need to remind myself to stop and CHOOSE TO SEE THE GOOD STUFF.  I have to get back into reminding myself of the good things that people see and do and the good things I do for others.  I need to make the positive things outweigh the negatives so that my soul can replenish and help me be more at peace with…life.  I will make an effort to write down the good things that happen during my day versus just dwelling on the negatives.  So, I challenge you to see the good stuff as well and share them with me in the comments below!


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