Frozen = Inflation

I like the movie Frozen.  I like the message that it gives – family first.  But honestly, the prices for these items are RIDICULOUS.  A month or two ago, the Elsa dress on Amazon was selling for $500.  Looks like since the hype is FINALLY dwindling, the dress is now $200 (what a deal! <—sarcasm).

I love my children and I want them to have the best of things (when possible) but buying a DRESS UP dress for more than $25 (even at this price point, I’m hesitant. YAY for used!) is a little more than I can handle.  What has gotten me all riled (<—is that the correct spelling? My husband ALWAYS makes fun of me because it’s one of those words I can’t say correctly.) up?  There was a mom selling an Anna and Elsa doll, brand new in a box, for $50 and a Frozen book for $20.  Seriously?  That’s totally robbing other people.  That makes me mad.

There are so many other things I could do with the $200 that I feel would be wiser.  Here are a few things.

  • Groceries.  In my house, this could buy about 1.5 weeks worth of groceries.
  • Pay my homeowner association fee…for 5 months.
  • Pay the registration fee at the Montessori for one of my kids…and still have money left over to have a nice lunch.

The list could go on…

I get it.  Kids want these things and parents don’t want to disappoint them.  My daughter has stopped watching Frozen (or requesting to watch it) the last few weeks.  She doesn’t request to listen to the soundtrack that often anymore.  She went from asking for an Elsa dress every other day to maybe once every couple of weeks when she’s reminded that Frozen is still out there.  This is since the movie was released on DVD in February, I think.

I refuse to enable sellers to feel they can inflate prices as drastically as they did on Amazon.  I refuse to be one of those parents who gives in to their children over an expensive material item that they will stop playing with in 6 months time.  Maybe it’s a poor parenting choice…literally.  I will be poor if I gave into such demands/desires all the time. ha!

I’m not judging other parents.  It’s just not something I would do.


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