The News – Malaysia Flight 370


In the mornings on my way to work I listen to NPR so I can get the newsworthy news.  Over the last 2.5 weeks we’ve been hearing about Malaysia Flight 370 and it has been so sad.  I can’t even imagine what these families are going through and what pain they are feeling.  I heard this morning that it has been announced that the flight was lost and ended in the Indian Ocean.  When I came into work, I had to read more about what was going on so I scoured through videos and news articles.  I’m not sure what I was looking for…was I looking for definitive information about what happened?  Was I looking to put faces to the story?  Up until now I had not wanted to see  the story.  Maybe I felt that if I couldn’t see it, it would be just another news story.

Then I came across a video about the passengers.  As I watched the faces of some of these individuals move across the screen, I felt sadness.  Then they mentioned the three Americans that were on the flight – 2 of them were CHILDREN.  Two of them were ages 4 and 2.  These CHILDREN are the same age as my two oldest.  It hit home.  I envisioned losing my children.  Then my heart started breaking for the families of the passengers.

My wish for these families is that someone finds the reason the flight ended.  I hope that they will soon have closure.

Hug your families and make sure to tell them that you care.


Prayer for Those Who Mourn 

Bless those who mourn, eternal God,

with the comfort of your love

that they may face each new day with hope

and the certainty that nothing can destroy

the good that has been given. May their memories become joyful,

their days enriched with friendship,

and their lives encircled by your love.


–c 1991 Vienna Cobb Anderson, Adapted from “Prayers of Our Hearts”


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