Letting Her Grow Up

I’m thinking about sending my 4.5 year old daughter to summer camp.  Sounds great, right?  It’s not even called summer camp, it’s called Friendship Camp where “Campers will visit our specialty counselors for activities in arts n crafts, sports games, and education and literacy.  This camp also includes an offsite field trip once a week, swimming, and so many fun memories!”  How exciting is that?  The best part is the cost – it’ll save us about $100 a month if we switch her from Montessori to this camp.  I’m ready to sign up her up…

Then I look at the field trip calendar.  Oy vey!  The beach, a water park, another water park, the zoo, a farm…everything sounds great EXCEPT everything near water and wide open spaces.  Wait, that’s every field trip.  I’m a nervous wreck now!  My child has always done pretty well in these places but she has always been with me and/or my husband, not a complete stranger.  Let me rephrase – a HIGH SCHOOL AGED stranger.  My heart is racing and now I’m not sure I want her to “spread her wings” (words my husband is using to get me to “let go”).  When I envision sending my 4.5 year old to camp, I don’t see an almost kindergartner…I see this person…


What’s my fear?  My child drowning, my child getting lost, someone taking my child.  I called the Program Director and she assured me that the ratio of counselors to children would 1:6.  On days where the children are at the water parks and beaches, they are restricted to specific play areas designed for smaller children where the water is at or below their knees and they would over staff on those days.  I feel a tiny bit better.  The Program Director also said that parents are not allowed to chaperon.  What a bummer but I completely understand.

I plan on doing a few things to ease my mind like teaching my child how to use pepper spray, how to scream bloody murder if a stranger touches her, how to find an authority if she gets lost, and some other safety tips.

What tips do you have for me to “let go”?


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