Car Seat Laws 2014

My friend Michelle recently introduced me to The Car Seat Lady. Have you all been to her FB page? It has a WEALTH of information. One of her links led me to an article about the new car seat changes for 2014.  One of those changes is that the lower anchors in vehicles should not be used if the child and the car seat’s combined weight is more than 65 pounds.  Also, I found on USA Today, that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a car seat with a harness should be used through the age of 8.  The Car Seat Lady clarifies this statement by saying that “children remain in a car seat (using a 5-point harness) or a booster (using the vehicle’s seat belt across them) until the lap and shoulder belt fit properly.”

Make sure you know what the federal and state laws are because we all want to keep our kids safe! I know I’ll be making some changes soon.

BTW, adults should also remember to stay buckled.  The Car Seat Lady also posted this video that left me shocked and I had to pick my jaw up off the ground.


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