First Crush

I’ve recently witnessed my daughter’s first crush.  Do they really start at 4.5 years old?!  I should’ve seen the signs – the portrait of the boy, how much she talked about him, etc.  But the moment I realized that she may be feeling that thumpity-thump for this kid was when she said “I’m going to marry C when we are older”.  At the time, it was a little funny because what does a 4.5 year old know about marriage?  Wait, how does she even KNOW what that word is?  Oh yeah…I’m in the wedding/event industry. *shaking my head*

There are so many things you don’t learn in parenting class to prepare you for PARENTING.  What’s up with that?  Classes don’t teach you how to:

  • change a diaper on a mobile baby/toddler
  • change a diaper in the dark
  • change an explosive diaper
  • put clothes on a baby while they are moving or no longer want to be on their back
  • handle their first day of kindergarten
  • handle a child who doesn’t understand that his shoe doesn’t go any tighter even though you’ve done it 5 times
  • handle their first crush

This parenting stuff is tough.  There should be a class called the REAL parenting class and have the curriculum based off of these things.  I could probably win some sort of medal for my skills – I mean, they have to be useful somehow, right?


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