Fantasy House Chores

It’s Football Season.  We have a love/hate relationship.  Some say they don’t see or speak to their husbands for 9 months (oh, how convenient – it’s like being pregnant – wait, no it’s not).  Others get totally into it with their husbands.  My husband likes to talk about football to me even though I have no clue what he’s saying.  Maybe he’s thinking that it’ll all sink in one day like a foreign language – keep repeating it and it’ll eventually stick.   I must admit that even though I may not understand everything he says or respond back to him, I am quietly taking notes.

I recently booked a wedding with a client and I believe it’s because I connected with the groom for a few minutes because we both root for the same team and we talked football.  Now that my husband knows this, he believes that talking about football will help my business.  I honestly don’t mind but I digress.

With football season comes FANTASY FOOTBALL.  You know, the game where you pick players and you receive points on how well the individual does in their game.  Then all the points are added up and totaled at the end of the week.  At the end of the season you have a winner who wins money and/or the “title”.

I’m starting a new league.  The FANTASY HOUSE CHORES League.  That’s right.  At the beginning of the season, we should all sit down and do a draft.  You draft the household chore you want to do that you believe will get you the most points.  At the end of the week, the family member with the most points gets a prize – a new book, a free point for the next week, etc.

Here is the scoring system:

Something totally awesome like cooking dinner = 6 points
Something that must get done but everyone hates like doing and folding laundry = 3 points
Something that is somewhat relaxing like walking the dogs = 1 point per walk
Doing the dishes = 1 point for every 3 dishes
Miscellaneous cleaning (e.g. wiping the table, setting the table for dinner) = 1 point
Forget to do at least 2 chores during the week = -2 points

Family members are allowed to trade chores and to work as a team to gain more points.  You know, this might actually be a good idea.  Who wants to sign up?  Make it a community event and compete with other households.  The winning household receives a pizza dinner paid for by the other households.  Hmmm…this could definitely be a genius idea.

Happy football season!!




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