Living with Social Media

We all are connected.  We all know we are all connected.  I understand that social media sites such as Facebook is an expression of the individual.  It’s a way for the individual to share their lives with family and friends…and strangers.

I’m the lead of a moms group and I have met some amazing women (and their families).  I also am an admin for some of the local resale groups in our area as well.  What I’m trying to get at is that I see and meet a lot of people…through Facebook.  I have seen some very interesting profiles belonging to mothers.  I try my hardest not to judge but when you have pictures like the ones below or write like the example below, I have to ask myself “What kind of role model is this woman to her children?”

blog post 1 blog post 2

I’m not saying you have to be covered from head to toe or use spell checker every time you post something BUT strangers  look at your profiles to get an idea of who you are.  Potential employers look at your profile to see what you’re all about (whether or not you approve).  Moms look at other mom’s profiles to see if this is an individual who they could get along with.  Your children may look at your profile.  Do you REALLY want your children learning how to pose like an individual who sends the wrong message to the opposite sex?  Do you REALLY want your children to speak in a manner in which they would not be respected or looked down upon?  Oh and adding a cover photo of your precious children on your page doesn’t make your pictures and posts appropriate.

Look at your Facebook page (and other social media sites) and ask yourself whether or not it’s how you want the WORLD to see you.


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