My Thoughts on Formula Feeding

I breastfeed my son and I’ve breastfed my other two children.  I honestly believe that it is what moms are suppose to do for their children.  I also believe that moms should do whatever they can to nurse their child.  Now before you get upset with me, I also want to say that I completely understand if a mom is unable to breastfeed for a number of different reasons.  I’m not saying that the mother who formula feeds is inferior because she’s not. I just believe that breastmilk is best.

I had supply issues and I ended up having to supplement with formula but I kept trying and trying to nurse my children.  Eventually, I was able to take them off the formula and go back to 100% breastmilk.  It’s an amazing feeling to be able to provide for my children in the way that only a mother can.  There are women who adopt children and do everything they can to make their bodies produce milk.  There are women out there who wish they could nurse their children but can’t because of health reasons.

Then there are women who are able to but, because “it’s inconvenient”, they choose not to nurse.  This is what irks me.  The women who don’t give an honest effort to breastfeed.  I don’t understand how breastfeeding can be inconvenient for an individual.  Choosing to bring a baby into this world and promising to care for the child for the rest of their lives is a huge commitment.  I understand that a mother may need to work or that the parents want to give other people the option of feeding their child.  This can still be achieved with pumping.  There are ways.  And I believe that if you truly want to breastfeed, you will find a way.

I will admit that after a year of nursing, it does get to be a little exhausting but what motivates me is knowing that I have a close bond with my child, I feel like I’m more in tune with his needs, and I’m doing what I feel is the absolute best for my child.  It makes me so proud to see my son’s amazing smile and to know that this big belly and these rolls on my son’s arms and legs are because of me…because of my milk.

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