Creating Traditions on Family Vacations

I have this STRANGE tradition with one of my friends – when I see an old man in a speedo, I take a picture and text it to her.  It cracks us up.  I feel like it’s something special we share even if we don’t remember how it started 6 years ago.  My husband’s best friend has a tradition with his family and friends.  When visitors leave, they stand on their front door step and wave something white like a handkerchief  as their way of saying “Farewell friend”.

Traditions are something special and memorable between you and someone else.  I imagine my kids growing up and sharing stories about our family vacations.  Here are some ideas on what you can do with your children:

  • Take pictures of names of people in their lives.  When you visit a new place and you come across Erica Lane, you take a picture and send it to your friend Erica.
  • Take a picture of state/country signs.  Crossing the border? Get out of the car and take a family picture in front of the “Welcome to New York” sign.
  • Keep a travel journal.  Have your children draw pictures and write their favorite thing about that particular place.
  • Take a picture with the most unique thing about the location.

Find something that is meaningful to you and your family and apply it to your trip!  You’ll be able to create and capture amazing memories that will be talked about and passed down for generations.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Family Trip


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