Teething Help

We’ve all been there.  I’m so glad I don’t remember what it was like to have my teeth come in!!  Our poor babies are hurting, crying, drooling, and going through various changes.  Lots of mamas don’t know what to do to help soothe our little ones when the breast doesn’t work.  Here are some homeopathic ideas for you to try at home.  Note that these are recommendations by several different moms.  As always, do your research and then choose the method(s) that work best for you. Also, these are usually for older babies (6+ months) but I know there are some early teethers like mine who started teething at 3 months.  Check with your pediatrician and see if it’s okay to give some of these to your babes.

Frozen Fruit

This should only be used if your child is already eating solids.  I’ve frozen bananas before and then put them into a mesh teether.  Make sure to cut the banana before freezing it because you won’t be able to cut it after it’s frozen.  Other fruits are useful as well but just be aware of potential allergies and seeds!

Frozen Chamomile Tea

Brew some chamomile tea and then freeze it in an ice tray.  Once it’s frozen, you can put it into a mesh teether and allow your child to gnaw at it.  It’ll feel good for their gums and hopefully it’ll relax/de-stress them a bit as well.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

These tablets dissolve quickly in water and then your little one can have the water.

Inspired by Finn Amber Necklace

Some moms totally swear by these but I’m not sure if they actually work.  It’s worth a shot though, right?


If you buy the kind that freezes, make sure to buy the ones filled with water.  You can also try the all natural wood rings or Sophie the Giraffe!  Lots of different options for you.

If all else fails, you can give your child some medication to help tone down the inflammation.  Make sure to check with your child’s doctor to ensure the proper dosage.

What are some ways you handle teething?


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