Parenting Styles: Mom vs Dad

We’ve all heard the saying – no two people are alike.  Well, that’s for sure!  Here’s a story that is a great example of different parenting styles.

My children take a bath together (although lately I’ve been considering having them bathe separately since they are different genders).  I’ve been trying to get them to not touch each other’s private parts (i.e. butts, chest area, etc.).  Each time they do it, I tell them “We don’t touch other people’s private parts and [ABC] is a private part”.  I’ve said that over and over and over and over…I’m hoping that EVENTUALLY it’ll sink in and voila!  No more touching!

My husband gave the kids a bath last night and my daughter was blowing raspberries on my son’s butt.  Of course, she thinks it’s hilarious and then my husband says “Your brother’s poop comes out of that part of his body!”  With a look of horror my 3.5 year old daughter immediately starts washing her mouth in hopes of removing all of the butt germs.  Hilarious to my husband, shock to my daughter.  I have a feeling that this will stop her from blowing raspberries or touching her brother’s “private parts”.

Different parenting styles.


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