I’ve tried couponing…a few times and each time was when I was on maternity leave.  It’s so much fun to be able to hear that you’ve saved X% on your bill.  It makes me envious to hear other people saving so much that they are only paying SALES TAX.  Seriously?!  Couponing is a full time job.  I have found that it isn’t meant to be for me because my MAC doesn’t like Java and I can’t print certain coupons.  Bummer.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t pass on some helpful resources to get your started or to improve what you’re already doing.

CVS is apparently coupon friendly.  I have a friend who ONLY shops at CVS and she even knows which ones are even coupon friendlier than the others.  She also knows which cashiers are a little more lenient than others.  She thanks these employees by bringing them some delicious egg rolls.  She uses  This website gives you which deals are the best, future weekly ads, etc.

Target, in my opinion, can be both coupon friendly and not so coupon friendly.  I like Target because there are basically 4 ways to save: 1) Target Coupons, 2) Manufacturer Coupons, 3) Cartwheel, and 4) Mobile Texts (text FRESH to 827438 – this spells TARGET).  You can also visit to see the breakdown of coupons and deals.  Visit to see what others have purchased and the coupons that apply to the deals that are currently going on.

The one thing that I didn’t like was all the newspapers I was collecting.  All I wanted were the INSERTS!!  Well guess what?  You can purchase the inserts through a third party – Yes We Coupon.  You can also go to and purchase coupons on there.  No idea where/how the sellers get them but some are apparently legitimate.

Now, remember, it is your responsibility to do your research.  I’m not responsible for any crazy fraudulent stuff that might come out of these transactions or websites.  It’s just websites that friends have used.  I do not receive any sort of commission from these sites.  These are just resources!

What are your secrets to saving money?

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