Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know, I’m totally procrastinating and waiting until the last minute.  I mean, Father’s Day just sort of snuck up on me.  Now with #3 here (and sleeping a lot), I can focus a percentage of my brain-width to something that will show my appreciation for my husband.  As I look at things to buy, I think to myself – I haven’t gotten my disability money from the state or my work so I’m broke and I need something inexpensive.  What can I get that isn’t too terribly expensive but shows that I put some thought into it?  Then I look at ideas and just about EVERYTHING has to do with Football, Golf, and BBQ’ing.  Although my husband likes football (Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!), I don’t want to default to something “easy”.  So, here are some ideas that I found that do not fall into one of these three generic categories.

Write a Letter

It’s not every day that I say “thank you” or show my appreciation for my husband.  Life gets busy with a full time job, running a business, and running after 3 kids and 2 dogs.  So, I’m going to HAND write (not type or email) a letter to my husband and let him know how much he means to me and the family.  It might not be long but it’s handwritten and it’ll get my thoughts and feelings on paper.

Family Shirts

I’m not about matching but I thought these were a super cute idea.  Plus we’re always told that we make cute kids so it’s fitting.  🙂



Emergency Work Lunches

My husband works through lunch and just snacks on things at his desk (e.g. drinks a Boost and has a Fiber One bar or something similar).  So I thought I’d make snack packs for him where he can just reach in his desk and pull out a box/bag of healthy lunch options such as nuts, breakfast bars, popcorn, dried fruit, veggie chips, and a drink.  Then add a little love note or words of encouragement from me and the kids in each bag.

Picture Collage

I love these ideas on Pinterest.  It’s great for dad’s office at work.  This is something quick that can be done and it’s so easy!




So, goodbye ties!  Goodbye, football paraphernalia!  Goodbye lots of money!  Hello more meaningful gifts (in my opinion).

What are you planning on giving the father in your life?  Share your ideas with us on Facebook!

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