Being Sick & A Support Network

I try really hard not to get sick and honestly, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been out of commission for several days at a time.  This last week has been extremely challenging for me and my family.  My family and I live on the west coast and we don’t have any family near by – I ENVY the folks who have family they can call upon at any time of the day to come over to watch the kids or take the kids away for a weekend.  But at the same time, I love the fact that my family and my husband’s family fully support that we move around sometimes or that we live on the opposite side of the continent.  Can’t always have your cake and eat it too, I suppose.  Anyway, since moving to the west coast I’ve done my best to create friendships and focused on meeting families that have children and/or lifestyles that are similar to your own.  But as you get older, it gets so much more difficult!

During this time of being sick, I’ve had a couple of friends who have really just gone above and beyond for me.  I cannot express the true gratitude that I feel.  Not only have they helped to take care of the kids but me too!!  As my husband put it “It’s great to have really good friends, isn’t it?”  Yes it is.  And once I got over the feeling of guilt for calling upon them, I am finally recovering from pneumonia.

One friend has gone grocery shopping for me as well as cooked dinner.  She actually had me and the kids over at her place on Super Bowl weekend knowing full well I wasn’t feeling well but wanted to provide a place that allowed me to just relax a bit while the kids just played.

My other friend stayed up until 1 a.m. chatting with me via text messages while I was at the Emergency Room alone (my husband was at home taking care of the kids).  Then when I returned to the ER, she sat with me for 5.5 hours, possibly saw my butt, and was a complete advocate for me at the hospital.  She risked her health to make sure I was taken care of.  Then she returned the next day to help take care of my two kids for 4 hours while I rested.

I have never had friendships like this and I will forever cherish these two women who were brought into my life.  I do appreciate all of the “Get Well” wishes and the text messages from other friends who have been concerned.  It is great to feel supported by such amazing women in my life.  What is your support network like?


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