Let’s Celebrate Being a Mom in 2013!

We’re still in the early part of the new year but I was thinking: why not celebrate being a mom in 2013?

Every mother’s goal is to raise a healthy, happy, caring, and amazing child.  Every mother’s goal is to be the best mother she can be to her child.  Every mother’s goal is to love and support their child through their entire life.

We all have the same goals.  And it’s okay if we reach those goals in different ways.  In the end, we should celebrate ourselves and each other for wanting the best for our children.  We should support each other no matter if I choose to vaccinate my children or you choose to exclusively breastfeed your child or another mom chooses to co-sleep.  The decisions we all make are what works for OUR family.  My children, like your children, are happy and healthy human beings that bring so much love and joy into our lives.

As a mama who practices attachment parenting (AP) and is an advocate, there is a misunderstanding of what AP really means.  I bet that EVERY mother, even those who are outwardly against it, practices some form of AP.  To name a few: every mother feeds their child with love and respect.  Every mother ensures their child is safe emotionally, physically and when the child is sleeping.  Every mother strives for balance in their personal and family life.  You can refer back to a previous post I did with my interpretations of the Attachment Parenting Principles.

We all have the same goals for our children.  We all are mothers.  So, let’s celebrate these things instead of judging one another for doing things differently.  We are all mom enough.

A special thank you to my friend Katie S. who sent the above picture to me.


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