Bringing Baby to Events

Being in the event planning industry, I have a lot of friends who aren’t mamas yet.  I still get asked to go out and have a drink or “come out and play”.  I’ve been excited and asked what time they are heading out.  If anyone says the “event” STARTS any time after 8 p.m., it’s an automatic no.  COME ON IT’S BEDTIME!!  I’m EXHAUSTED by the end of the day.

Honestly, I would much rather hang out at home with my family!  I love my family and granted, there are days I want to just get away, but still…even on the worst day, I still want to hug my kids and cuddle with them as they peacefully doze off to dreamland (which my daughter believes is an ACTUAL place and she says it sounds super fun but doesn’t believe you get there by closing your eyes).  By doing this, I’m sort of practicing one of the Attachment Parenting International’s Principles– Strive for Balance in Your Personal and Family Life.  I love that this principle says “Parents who practice AP continuously look for creative ways to find balance in their personal and family life.”

An example of this, which may not be creative, is that I used to leave my daughter home with my husband while my newborn son acommpanied me to monthly Women’s Business Socials until he was 10 months old!  It was great because the women LOVED him and he was able to get to know (and flirt!) with amazing people.  He was also close to my heart since I would carry him around in the Ergo.  It was so much fun and these women really appreciated the fact that I was a working mama and wanted to be with my little guy.  This age was the best because I could easily nurse him and he took naps through the loud chatter of women.

My little flirt at 3 months old hanging out with some ladies of Ventura County.

When I do need to run away on a weekend day for a quick meeting and my husband is off doing military stuff, I trust our caregiver.  She loves the kids and the kids love her.  They trust her and it is so important to have that trust; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get work done.  Our sitter has also been fantastic when my husband and I need to get things done around the house and she’s there to distract the kids.  It’s a perfect balance.

I’m not saying don’t ever leave the house (you need time for yourself too).  I’m suggesting that there are ways to get out and enjoy yourself even if you have the little one(s) in tow.  Tell us what you do to enjoy yourself by leaving a comment below or emailing us!


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