Episencial Skincare & Elves

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to give away 2…that’s right TWO…gift baskets of a few of Episencial‘s awesome products (Playful Wash, Soothing Cream and Sunny Sunscreen).  Have you ever tried these before?  It’s so wonderful that even the Four Seasons Westlake Village has started a junior spa treatment package featuring their products!

episencial gift

To honor the holiday season and to show off some of your mama creativeness (and so I can possibly steal some of your awesomeness), I’d like to request a couple of things for your entries this week! So, visit us over at Rafflecopter and enter (make sure to read the rules) the give away!  And if you don’t have an Elf on the Shelf (like me because I thought my kids were too young but this year I learned that they totally are not), you can still enter!  For those that will enter the Elf on the Shelf/Holiday Tradition portion of our give away, please don’t steal the photo(s) from Pinterest or Google.  Please be honest and fair and show us YOUR Elf and YOUR traditions!




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