HollyDay Designs – Breast Milk Pendant Give Away

Mother’s work hard to nurse their little ones.  A lot of mothers dedicate a lot of time and energy to build this relationship with their little one(s) and to provide such an amazing gift that literally lasts a lifetime.  We are so excited to team up with Holly from HollyDay Designs.  Holly is the original creator of Breast Milk Pendants™ and her business started in 2002. 

This has got to be one of the most creative and memorable gifts a nursing mother could ever have or receive!  You can order your breast milk pendant here or you can enter our give away here to win one for yourself or a nursing mother.  HURRY!  The give away ends on 16 November.  Please remember to complete the MANDATORY entries otherwise you’ll be disqualified. 

Quick Bio: “My name is Holly a creative mama of two small boys and owner of Hollyday Designs. Preserve your motherhood journey with my simple, vintage inspired jewelry and keepsakes.”

The Process: “This is a lengthy process that has many steps, each step requiring several days, and it is important the resin cures completely. Generally it takes a minimum of four weeks from the time I receive your milk depending on amount of orders I have.

I will put great care and respect to preserve YOUR milk as an everlasting keepsake to your precious nursing experience. Please know that I will in fact use YOUR milk, as I would expect the same in trusting someone with something so personal. From one mama to another, you can trust me.”

59 responses to “HollyDay Designs – Breast Milk Pendant Give Away

  1. I love this idea!!! Breastfeeding for us hasn’t been easy and its a great way to remember that and now that I am bf again its a great way to keep going knowing u are giving ur best to ur child. I really liked the circle of life pendant so I could have both my children’s names on it.

  2. What a fantastic idea! It’s so unique and what a wonderful tribute to one of the most rewarding yet trying parts of being a mom.

  3. beautiful pendants and so meaningful! thank you for offering such a priceless gift. breastfeeding is so amazing and it is a really wonderful way of capturing the beauty of it.

  4. I love these and have wanted one forever. I have been keeping some milk in the freezer just for these even though my daughter weaned months ago. I love the lockets.

  5. We are 33 months into our breastfeeding journey and I’m all too aware that we could reach the end at any time.
    I’d love the locket style pendant to celebrate our journey.

  6. I have had my eye on these for a while. Would love to win one. Breastfeeding has been a huge challenge for me. I love the locket necklace.

  7. I’ve had my eye on her work for a few months now. My son and I had a rocky start to our nursing relationship, but we’re still going strong at 13 months–I think one of these would be a perfect way to commemorate this beautiful part of our relationship. I would love either the petite pendant to pair with another couple of mementos, or the copper cup, or the locket.

  8. I love the double heart in the large round. I’m still unsure if I want a colored background–the real tissue paper is simply beautiful! I’ve been stalking Holly for months–hoping to save enough to get one made! Winning would be pure joy!!

  9. I would love to win this for my milk donor I had with my last child. She donated over 10,000oz to me and I could never thank her enough. This is a precious gift.

  10. Love these and want one so bad but gonna have to wait till first of the year unless things change. Breastfeeding was and is such joy and bonding experience for me and my children.

  11. Such beautiful pieces of sentiment! Our nursing journey has not been an easy one, but we press on for the benefits far out weigh the negatives. I’m dying for one of these beautiful pendants!!!

  12. I love this idea! What a great way to commemorate hours of hard work and the love you have for your child. I’d love to get the large pendant so I can have my son’s name in it. It’s be great to have one for each of my children!

  13. I came across by them doing a search on esty. I fell in love with them. I have two boys, the first child I had such a hard time breastfeeding him. But with patience and second chance to try again, I had great success with the second child. I would love one of these to continue enjoying the experience have of breastfeeding.

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  15. I would love a mother and child milk pendant to commemorate the gift of the beautiful and challenging nursing relationship I’ve been given.

  16. I have one of these lovely pieces with a moon design, so for this new nurseling I think I would try something with a heart!

  17. I would love to win this for a friend she saved her a bag of Milk after she lost the rest during hurricane Sandy,

  18. I wasn’t able to breastfeed for a variety of reasons, but not for lack of trying. Once we completely gave up nursing at 11w, I continued to exclusively pump until my daughter was 16m old. IN the process I donated over 6000oz of breast milk to other mothers while keeping enough in our deep freezer to feed our daughter until she was 2.

    In hurricane sandy i lost the remainder of my supply, making my daughter’s last breast milk at 22m. I was devastated. We saved one last bag in hopes that one day I would be able to get a pendant like this made, as a reminder of the struggle we went through and all I did to feed our daughter.

    I would LOVE a simple pendant, just as a reminder.

  19. What a great idea. I love the idea of having a “forever” reminder of the hard work, devotion, and love that goes into breast feeding.

  20. What a thoughtful idea to treasure that step of motherhood. All of the designs are so beautiful! I’m not sure I could pick just one.

  21. I’d love the circle of life pendant, with both my daughter and son’s names on it. Breastfeeding them is so special to me and I’d love a lasting memento.

  22. I love the circle of life pendant! My daughter and I are at 15 months and she only wants to nurse when she wakes up and before bed but this will be the greatest memory of our special bond!

  23. I would love to win this for a friend who lost the rest of her stored milk during the hurricane. She could really use the reminder of just how great a gift she’s given her child. 🙂

  24. I actually have one for myself on the way but I would love to enter for my friend who not only EP for her own daughter but also donated tons of milk for other babies.

  25. I am a big fan of the Large Triple Breast Milk Pendant, because I have three children and I could one for all three of them on one pendant

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