Zulily Love

I love a good deal and I’m sure everyone else does too.  Zulily is the place to be when your favorite brands like Baby Bumkins, Kinderville, Peg Perego, Disney, New Balance and so many other great brands.  You can purchase items at up to 90% off the retail price for all members of your family…except dad.  Crazy, right?  Why don’t dads get good deals on clothes and other necessities?  But I digress…

Sample Screen Print

The Good

They have new items 7 days a week!!

They have a great selection of items and I’ve been introduced to many awesome brands I wouldn’t have thought about before.  Example: Kinderville and Hot Milk.

The products are high quality and I haven’t had an issue with any of the items I’ve purchased.

They have some super adorable things for the little ones and for the kitchen.

The prices are usually less than Amazon!  As you know, I compare all prices to Amazon and when I’m interested in a product on Zulily, I compare the prices to Amazon.  If it’s lower, score!  I purchase the item.

Free shipping if you make a purchase and you want to purchase additional stuff later on in the day.  All orders placed the same day will receive free shipping.  Even better – if you order on a Friday, you get free shipping ALL WEEKEND LONG!

The Bad

New sales start at 6 a.m. PST!  That’s early!!!  So sometimes it’s not so great living in California because all the East Coasters get to some of the really popular items first.

Items take 10-14 days to ship and then it takes about 5-7 days to get to you.  So don’t order something for a child’s birthday present if the party is less than 3 weeks away.

You can’t return things.  I’ve been hesitant to purchase women’s clothing items including shoes because you just never know if it’ll fit right (unless of course you’re familiar with the brand).  Zulily does their best to provide sizing charts though so proceed with caution!

The Ugly

Some of the items are relabeled products so BE CAREFUL.  My recommendation is to do your research – if you can’t find a company website for the brand that you see on their site, then that should be an indicator of a knock-off.

Additional Savings

Want to save even MORE money?!?!?!  Do a Google Search for Zulily Coupon Code and you’ll receive pages of coupon codes but the most reliable page is Brad’s Deals.  The code usually starts off with BRADZUDEAL### (where the “#” is a new number each month).  The only downfall, you can only use this coupon code on your account ONCE A MONTH.  So you’ll have to find another coupon code and I think the next reliable code is from this site.

Sorry, you can’t stack coupons to do super extra savings.

Brads Deals for Zulily!

Anyway, happy shopping!  Click here to go to their site and sign up for an account!  What’s your favorite deal site?  Tell us below or in an email!


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