Happy Family Brand – Review & GIVE AWAY

I like to think that I give my little ones (3 year old daughter and 18 month old son) healthy snacks. Sometimes when we’re on the go though, I just wish there was something we could grab and run out the door with especially when I am behind schedule or it’s a last minute outing. We recently approached Happy Family Brand and asked them if we could try some of their products. I’ve seen them on the shelves at Target but because it’s a different brand than what I’m familiar with, I haven’t really wanted to try it. Plus, what if the kids didn’t like it?! If it ain’t broken, why fix it?  But I’m glad I tried I tried the products!

Since I have “older” children, I wanted to try their Happy Times Toddler line.  Our local Target was sold out of two of the “flavors” so we purchased:

My son has food allergies so I have to be REALLY careful what I give him.  These products are great because I feel like the founders of Happy Family had my family in mind.  No allergens.  No nuts (some products). No soy.  No egg.  And these products are all organic.  It’s great how transparent this company seems to be with their products.  Visit them online and you’ll get their nutrition facts, ingredients, pictures of the product, etc.

So what did the kids think of these products?  Well, my daughter didn’t care for the Veggie Pals.  Veggie Pals are similar to a fruit snack in those individual packets.  They are smaller though and easier to chew than the gummy ones in shapes like princesses.  The Veggie Pals tasted pretty good to me and my son liked them.

None of us were real fans of the Sunny Buddies but I think it’s because it’s something we weren’t really expecting.  We have never had sunflower butter before and I think it’s suppose to be simiar to a dried bite-sized peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  However, I think one of Molly’s daughter’s liked it.

Finally, the Mixed Fruit Yogis.  My kids LOVE yogurt melts and these were pretty good.  My daughter couldn’t get enough but son much prefered the Veggie Pals.  Interesting how the little ones have their own preferences.  🙂

And a final note: you can purchase these products at Whole Foods, Target, or other major grocer in your area.

Are you a fan of Happy Family Brand?  Never tried it before?  You’re in luck because we’re doing a…

The Prize:Toddler Packet (value up to $25).

The Rules:

1.  If you don’t complete the MANDATORY entries, you are automatically disqualified.
2.  You must be a US Resident.
3.  All entries must be received by Friday, 2 November at 11:59 PST.
4.  We’ll be using RaffleCopter.com to pick the winner and to track entries!

Enter:Click here to go to Rafflecopter!


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