October Give Away – Rockin’ Green

What’s award winning, eco-friendly, and makes your clothes smell awesome?!  Rockin’ Green!!  They are well-known for their clean-rinsing laundry detergent (and it’s super cloth diaper friendly).  Best thing is that you don’t have to have certain water conditions to use their products effectively – they have detergents for hard, soft and normal water conditions!

Since it’s inception of Rockin’ Green, Kim, the founder, has come up with “rockin’” products that help you keep your clothes clean to keeping your pet beds clean and fresh.  The names are a lot of fun too – Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Femme Rock, and Dog House Rock.  Think those are creative, check out the scents they have too.

Mamas across the nation love this product because it’s eco-friendly, great for sensitive skin (like mine!), and it doesn’t take as much detergent as your normal Tide or Dreft does so you’ll be saving money there too!  Rockin’ Green also offers a VIP Auto Ship Program where you can receive special discounts, free holiday perks, exclusive access to new products, and so much more.  This is one VIP program I’m thinking about joining.

So go on over to Rockin’ Green and buy their Rockin Bundles or try their Detergent Samples.

Here’s what’s in my shopping cart!  What are you going to add to yours?


Want to get your products free?  Check out our October Give Away!!

Kim has been so incredibly generous and is giving one of our lucky fans 3 samples AND a free 45/90 Load Bag in your choice of scent!!  How awesome is that?!  We think you’ll convert once you start using this product so proceed with caution when entering this give away!  Haha…

Entry Rules

  1.  The MANDATORY entries are…MANDATORY!  If you don’t do them then you are automatically disqualified.
  2. You must be a US Resident.
  3. Your entry must be received no later than Friday, 26 October at 11:59 PST.
  4. We will use rafflecopter.com to keep track of all of your entries and then use it to randomly choose a winner!


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27 responses to “October Give Away – Rockin’ Green

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  2. Mamma’s at work topics: Homemade baby food, milk making cookies (recipes), taking pictures of your little ones.

  3. I love any kind of giveaway, especially cloth diaper related! 🙂 But as far as topics, I’d love to see some things about how one can save money while raising a family.

  4. If rockin’ green asked me to come up with a new scent I would make “Fruit fighters” A Fruity combination of Cherries, grapes, bananas and kiwi with a pun on the band Foo fighters for the name like they do with there other scent/name combo’s .

  5. A post on great products to use that are easy to send to daycare but not riddled with toxins and how to get your daycare to not judge you on the use of them and getting them to not use daycare provide things you dont want on your baby like Johnson’s products and baby powder.

  6. Hi! I love the scent Motley Clean, so I enjoy clean smells. Also I’m starting my little one on solid foods, I would suggest an article about transitioning to solid foods.

  7. We cloth diaper, so I love to hear about cloth diapering and read reviews on diapers that I have’t used yet.

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