Birth Story – Front Seat Delivery

This birth story guest post was contributed by Heidi S.

My name is Heidi and I am a stay-at-home mom of two, a 2 year old boy and a 4 week old girl. I am an art therapist and licensed professional counselor by profession and will be taking a back seat to all of that to be mom for a little while. Staying home full time was a scary notion to me with my first child and I was lucky enough to find part time work to keep current in the profession and to satisfy my eagerness to work, but once I found out I was pregnant with my second I instantly felt that I wanted to stay home and raise my children. My husband was recently relocated with his job which brought our little family to Illinois and we found a great area to live in that has a lot to offer for families and children. It was here that we would welcome our daughter in the world.

Cindy asked me to write a post about my daughter’s birth. Cindy and I met as single professional women before husbands and children. Our future husbands worked together in the Navy which has taught us to easily adapt to ever changing life situations. This along with being a strong woman definitely helped me stay calm and give concise directions during the delivery of my daughter.

I still feel like it was all a dream. You know, the crazy delivery scenario dreams you have while you are pregnant wondering how it will all pan out. Well, 4 weeks ago I gave birth to my daughter in the front seat of our car with my freaked out, but calm, husband on the receiving end- I guess all of that Navy training came in handy. We were in the valet parking lot of the hospital so we almost made it inside for the birth but when your body says it’s time, you push.

With our first child it was a normal delivery but happened quickly. Within 30 minutes of my water breaking he was out. I had been told several times that labor with your second pregnancy will happen a lot faster. However, when I woke up that morning with my contractions 2-3 minutes apart the nurse at the hospital told me not to come in until I couldn’t talk through my contractions. I now know I have a high tolerance for pain. I took a walk with my 2 year old son in the stroller to try and help my contractions to progress. I had gone home to rest then heard a loud pop and what felt like the baby punching me in the bladder. I ran to the bathroom and called the doctor. At this point the contractions were on top of each other and low and behold I couldn’t talk through them.

My husband was working from home that day and was able to throw our son in the car so we could drop him off with a friend en route to the hospital. He asked when a good time would be to make me laugh and I replied firmly, “not during this car ride.” In the meantime our son had brought a toy fire truck with him and was pressing the siren. That made us laugh. It was going to take 20 minutes to get to the hospital from our friend’s house. Although the pain was intense and felt like my bladder was on fire I had an instant revelation that I had straightened my hair the day before, something my sisters and I call “second day blow dry”, and I would be looking great in pictures after the baby was out. I have curly hair which can get a little crazy and frizzy so having my hair straight would guarantee a decent photo and not looking like I was exhausted. This may be something only people with curly hair understand. Straight hair is a lot less hassle for me. As I took my hair out of my pony tail and shook it out in between contractions, like I was about to hit on the cute guy at the bar, my husband confirmed, “Your hair looks great and the pictures will too.” I love that man! He knew exactly what to say to make me feel wonderful.

On the way the contractions got stronger and my body started to push the baby out. I didn’t say anything to my husband so he wouldn’t get nervous. I just needed him to drive. I had my eyes closed the whole time and was concentrating on my breathing. Once we arrived at the valet parking of the hospital I could feel the baby crowning. The valet asked if I could get out of the car and I couldn’t. At this point I was lying reclined in the front seat. The valet went to get more help and a bed. I had asked my husband to pull down my pants and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said “We are in the parking lot and the valet is here. The nurses will be here soon just hold on.” So I pulled them down to my knees and asked if he could see the head. Then he said “Oh God, Oh God.” I told him he needed to catch her and then I pushed two times and she was out. My husband held her as she cried. I did have two towels on the seat of the car in case my water broke so the car wasn’t ruined. The nurses came out about 30 seconds later and put the baby on my chest for warmth. I was then transferred to the hospital bed and was wheeled into the delivery room. She was an 8lb 2oz healthy baby girl. My husband and I were in shock for about an hour. I still can’t believe she is here.

I stayed in the hospital for the required 2 days then headed home to my son and husband. My son instantly seemed like he had grown into a little boy over night. He was taller and heavier than I had remembered him just two days earlier. He took little interest in his new sister and was more concerned about her whereabouts than playing with her. For me I think the most challenging part of being a mom of two has been breast feeding. I am still trying to figure out the balance between sharing that special time with my daughter while also having my son pull my arm to sit with him and play trains. At 4 weeks though I feel like a pro. My daughter fits into our family like she has always been here. I have already mastered going to Sam’s Club and Wal-mart in the same trip alone with both kids. I am a rock star. Thank goodness for nap time. This has saved my life. I give it up to all the working mamas because I am pretty sure I would be walking around like a zombie if I was a working mom of two.


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