Lansinoh mOmma Cup Review and Give Away!

As you know, I have two little ones – a feisty 3 year old princess and an object throwing 17 month old son (who I think will definitely be successful at T-ball in a couple of years). I am always looking for the next product that is going to make my kids happier thus making my life a tad bit easier and less stressful.

Enter the Lansinoh mOmma straw cup (with and without handles)!

When my kids saw me pull these cups out of the box, it was like the next awesome toy that they just had to get their tiny hands on. The design and shape is different than other children’s cups because it’s a wonderfully green pod (they come in 4 different colors). With the little ones jumping up and down and pulling on my shirt, I twisted the lid to reveal…a straw! The kids eyes opened wide and they started having a panic attack because it was just so awesome. I quickly washed it, filled it with water and handed the cups to the little ones. My daughter received the one without handles and my son had the one with handles. They walked away happy as can be.

The cups are about 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The cup is easy to grasp without the handles by my daughter but my son has a hard time holding it. He definitely has better luck if the handles are attached (tip for mamas with little ones). Should either of the kids drop the cup, it leans to the side which keeps the top of the cup clean because of its shape.

The straw cup, as mentioned previously, has a lid that turns. This is great when the kids decide to throw the cup because it keeps the straw sanitary. Have no fear though, if the straw is out, it’s easy to clean because the tip of the straw is only “opened” when the child gently bites it. Think of the straw opening as the same concept as a camel back.

A few things that might be of concern for some mamas are when the child lifts the cup to drink it, they tend to tilt the cup. The end of the straw stays in one place and if there isn’t enough liquid in the cup, the kids aren’t getting anything out.

My second observation is that the cups don’t fit in a standard cup holder. This makes it difficult to have in the car seat or stroller with a snack tray.

Finally, I’m not sure how to actually clean the straw. And if you put a liquid other than water in it, it’s not completely clear how you would clean the residue. Molly suggests trying a scrubber like the one that comes with a Dr. Brown’s bottle.

Overall though, I would recommend this cup! My kids love it, it’s useful and absolutely adorable! So, here’s your chance to win this awesome cup! By the way, if you’re interested in Lansinoh feeding bottles because your little one isn’t ready for a sippy or straw cup, here’s a $1 off coupon just for you!


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  2. You must submit the mandatory entries listed below otherwise you will be disqualified.
  3. Please leave SEPARATE comments for the MANDATORY entries.
  4. All entries are validated to ensure that the mandatory entries were completed.
  5. All entries must be received by 11:59 PST on Friday, 28 September 2012. Winner will be announced by Friday, 5 October 2012.
  6. Winner will be selected using

How to Enter

  1. MANDATORY: Visit the Lansinoh website,tell us in the comments below which cup you want to win (sippy or straw) and what you like about the cup.
  2. MANDATORY: Visit our blog, choose your favorite blog post and tell us in the comments below why you chose it.
  3. OPTIONAL: Tweet about this give away by using @MamasAtWork (you may have to follow us first) and let us know you did it in the comments below. A short cut – click on the Twitter icon next to the “Spread the word” down below and it’ll automatically set up the tweet for you.
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Good luck!

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