Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

My husband speaks frequently about the zombie invasion.  He has a plan for how we’re going to survive something like that (who’s shooting, where we would go, etc) but I think he’s joking (hopefully).  Zombies aren’t real, according to the CDC!!  Anyway, you’ll likely be using your car to get away from the zombies or to relocate to a safer location so it’s important to stock it up with things you may need.  Here are my ideas.

  1. First aid kit.  Make sure to have neosporin, ice packs, band aids, tweezers, gauze, Tylenol, children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.  Amazon sells an interesting one here (we are not promoting this product, just providing a link as an example).
  2. Children’s supplies.  One extra pair of clothing in the current or larger size your child wears (this is obvious but I have been known to have outfits in our diaper bag and then months later, I realize that when my child needs the outfit, it’s too small).  You’ll also want their lovey/comfort item (it’s a scary time!), diapers, wipes, underwear, squeeze pouch of food or jar baby food.  Here’s a good resource of things to have: Baby 72 Hour Survival Kit.
  3. Food and water!  Bring bottles of water (I try to make sure I have a case of water in each of our vehicles at all times) and maybe a few boxes of granola bars, crackers or pretzels.
  4. Change of clothes.  This is useful even when you’re not preparing for an emergency.  I often find myself wearing nice clothes to work and then forgetting that we had planned to go hiking or go to an activity such as Sky High Sports or volunteering to be vomit target practice.  Don’t forget to order your Zombie Task Force t-shirt so that people can easily identify you as a Zombie expert.
  5. Miscellaneous.  Other things you may want to consider including in your car are tire pressure gauge, emergency contact numbers (your cell phone may not work in an emergency), matches, cell phone charger, batteries (AAA, AA, C, D), locks with the codes on them (save the codes with your emergency numbers), some gas, and hygiene items.

Hopefully this will help prepare you for an emergency situation (or to fight zombies – by the way, you can learn about the Zombie Task Force here).  You may want to consider getting a locker box and filling it with some of these items too so you can grab it and leave in a hurry if you ever needed to do so.  If you decide to use a padlock, please remember your key!!  Going back to the house while Zombies are roaming (?) around is going to make you lose valuable escape time.  Of course, you’ll also want to take seasons into consideration.  If you live in a place that has heavy snowfall, you’ll want to have items that’ll help keep you warm or help you break open a window if you get stuck.

Stay safe and be prepared!  Tell us what you have in your emergency kit below or email us!


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