Hand Written Thank You

I recently took my 14 month old son into St. John’s Regional Medical Center for ear tube surgery and I had my wonderful almost 3 year old daughter with me.  I was panicked and stressed because my husband was on military travel so I was doing this all on my own.  When I arrived to the eerily quiet hospital at 5:45 a.m., I quickly got into business mode – get all the paperwork done and get the kids in and out.  We had packed our bag with books and a few toys to entertain ourselves as we waited for the 7:30 a.m. surgery.

When we were brought into the pre-op room, we met Carmen.  A sweet and friendly clinical technician who engaged my daughter and son immediately by asking questions, showing them the medical equipment, and praising them for singing songs.  It was amazing. The stress I felt immediately melted away and I had this feeling that everything was going to be okay.  After Carmen I met 3 other wonderful women – Aurera, Belinda and Pam.  These 4 women made this visit to the hospital incredibly smooth and stress free.  I wanted to make sure that they knew how much I appreciated them.

My original intent was to write a comment on the hospital’s site but there was something impersonal about it so I found some super adorable stationary from Kate Sutton on Ruche‘s website.  These are the cutest thank you cards ever!  They say “thank you” in so many ways and in various languages.  It was the perfect way for me to express my gratitude to the diverse staff at St. John’s.  I also included a picture of the kids that I took while they were at the hospital in the crib.  I believe that hand writing a thank you will go much further than an electronic form which they may not ever see.

Kate Sutton Thank You Stationary

Elements of a Great Thank You Note

I was shocked when I learned that people don’t send thank you cards for small things such as receiving a gift from a birthday party.  I think it’s because people feel like it takes too long to write something.  Honestly, it does take time but if you have the foundation of a great thank you note, it should be a breeze.  I can’t say that I write awesome thank you cards but I have learned from the numerous showers (bridal and baby) that I have attended, you take notes of which gifts were received from whom.

For example, when my son opened up his birthday presents, I made sure to open them up one at a time so that I could write down the giver’s name and the gift that they generously gave him.  From there, I watched his initial reaction and how he used that item over the next week.  These become the foundation of my thank you cards.

  1. Say Thank You (or some form of it)
  2. State why you are thanking them.  If it’s for a gift, specifically name the gift.
  3. Write how you use or intend to use the gift or how it made the recipient feel when they received the gift.
  4. Thank the giver again.
That’s it!  4 easy steps and it’s only a few sentences long!  The fact that you take the 5 minutes to write a thank you card that was SPECIFIC to that person shows that you cared enough to pay attention and recognize them for their generosity.
Example:  Dear Kathryn,  Thank you so much for attending baby boy’s birthday party last Saturday.  The Thomas the Train flip book you gave him was so much fun to read with him because he was excited to see the pictures underneath the flaps.  We really appreciate your thoughtfulness in choosing this gift for him.  Sincerely, Cindy, Husband, Daughter, Baby Boy.
As your children get older, you can help them write the thank you notes.  This will teach your child how to really appreciate a gift and understand that an individual took the time and spent money to think of a special gift just for them.
Do you send thank you notes?  How do you show your appreciation?  Email us or leave a comment below!

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