Episencial – COUPON OFFER

We have a lot of wonderful sponsors and we wanted to share something with all of our fans about Episencial.  They have generously provided Mamas At Work fans with a discount code that is effective starting today!

We know you’ll love the products that Episencial has to offer and if you haven’t tried it, now is the time!  Get the little one down for a nap, grab your credit card, and take a look through their online catalog.  Add as many of the products into the cart as you can and don’t forget about the upcoming baby shower gifts you have to get too (Labor Bag or the Signature Gift Bag).  Then when you’re all done shopping for these perfect products, enter code EPIMAMAS during check out and receive 20% off the products!!  How generous is that?!

ON TOP OF THAT – Episencial has a special right now – FREE SHIPPING with orders over $10 AND you’ll receive free samples with EVERY order.  WOW!

So, get movin’!!


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