Birthday Party Parade

We recently took the kids to a birthday party and the host family had a fantastic idea…a parade!  The birthday girl rode in front on her Princess Motorcycle and then all the kids walked or rode in wagons sporting princess outfits and carrying balloons.  It was absolutely adorable.  Luckily the party happened to be on the same day as Carpenteria’s Rods and Roses Celebration so it was convenient to be able to walk a couple of blocks and then be in the center of attention.


Parade Requirements:

  1. Ask parents to bring along a wagon or bike for their child.
  2. Make sure kids are wearing appropriate shoes since they will be walking a bit.
  3. Make a map to show parents.  You may not want to walk a long distance as kids will get bored and want to get out.
  4. If your neighbors will be available to watch, have some small candy for the kids to throw to those neighbors.
  5. Balloons!  Maybe signs (ones that the kids have made at the party would be super cute) and noise makers.

Here are some tips on how I think this will work since I know you’re too busy to plan such an extravagant event.

  1. Plan Ahead. This may seem obvious but since we’re all busy moms, we should write a list of things to do and make goals of when to finish things.  Enlist your husband to help too!
  2. Don’t Cook on the Day Of.  You’re the hostess and you should have fun.  Don’t slave over the stove and oven trying to do last minute cooking.
  3. Decorations.  You don’t need much of these!  The kids won’t remember.
  4. Take Pictures.  Remember your camera!  You don’t need a million pictures but just take pictures of the birthday child and the cake.  If there are any special outfits that they wore or if they had a best friend during that time, you’ll want to capture those moments.
  5. Enjoy Yourself.  People forget to enjoy themselves because they’re too worried what people will think about the decorations, or the food, or the activities.  Honestly, no one really remembers the details.

We look forward to seeing pictures from YOUR parade party!  Make sure to  share them with us.


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