Boobiepalooza Recap – #WBW12

What an exciting weekend last weekend was!  It was Boobiepalooza weekend, y’all! Yeah!

Sorry, but I just feel that anything ending with “-palooza” should be shouted about in a DJ voice.

It was a great event. We had lots of fun. I took another mommy friend as my “date” and we cruised around, hung out, and just generally had a great time.  There were tons of vendors there showing off the latest baby-related stuff.  My favorites were

  • Kelly Teegarden Organics: organic, toxin-free skincare and cosmetics. They had great samples!  I am loving the facial cleanser and moisturizer!
  • ZoLi: a baby gear company with some really innovative looking products. There was a teether designed just for helping to cut those molars and a nail filer with a gentle vibrating action that left baby nails short and super smooth. I so want one of those. They also had a straw sippy cup that I am dying to try for Katie. The straw is flexible and weighted so no matter how the baby tips the cup, they still get fluid!
  • Milkin’ Cookies: a company that makes oatmeal cookies for nursing moms. I don’t know if they would help with supply (studies indicate the oatmeal probably would), but my goodness they were delicious!
  • Wellthy Families: A mom-owned company that helps coach families on healthy living.  I signed up for their virtual Fuel for a Healthy Core class. I’m looking forward to learning more about meal planning and healthy living!

I wasn’t able to make it in to see the guest speakers, which was a little disappointing. I had a wiggly baby strapped to me and as long as I continued walking, she would settle down. Standing and listening to the speakers would have meant wrestling with her like a little alligator.

We ate lunch at the food trucks.  The hamburgers we had were delicious!  The only bummer was that there really weren’t a lot of options for feeding an older baby.  We practice baby-led weaning, so I usually just give her what I am eating.  She is used to helping herself from my plate.  In this case, I just had to take a deep breath and be okay with her eating my sweet potato fries.

There were lots of women from our local mom’s group.  We met up outside in a shady part of the courtyard to let our kids down to crawl around and play together.  We felt like the rebel mom group! Several of us were having a beer from the beer garden (yep, it’s totally ok to do this while breastfeeding!) and it was so hot that we were stripping our babies down to their diapers to let them cool off.  That was us!  The group drinking beer and letting our kids run around naked!

I also got to hang out with our VIP Pass giveaway winner, Tracey!

During the raffle drawing at the end, I hung out on the edge of the room.  Dr. Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block walked right past me!  And I photobombed The Silver Fox, Dr. Jay Gordon!  I’d never seen anyone famous before (despite living close to LA for 4 years), so I completely geeked out over seeing them.  I remember leaning over to a friend of mine and saying, “Check me out! I’m just here, chillaxin’ by Dr. Jay Gordon. It’s no big thing.”  Yes, I am a dork!  But it was fun!

I got to meet and talk to Jaime Lynn, the mommy behind the blog I am Not the Babysitter, otherwise known as The Time Magazine Mom.  Please do read this article with her thoughts on the Time Magazine, Mom Enough thing. It was amazing to get to talk to her face-to-face and hear her perspective on the debate.

There were a few things that I wish would have been different.  It was really, really hot.  It seemed like the A/C in the Ebell theater just couldn’t keep up with the demand and the heat generated by the crowds of people.  It would have been nice if more toddler/older baby-friendly food was available.  Also, a friend of mine was nursing her babies on one of the couches in the hall and was told on three separate occasions by event staff that there was a Lactation Lounge available.  When you’re tandem nursing two kids, you’re not going to unlatch, gather everything up, and move some place else. She felt sure they were trying to help, but perhaps missed the mark on this issue. Perhaps a little training next time for the event staff to just let nursing moms nurse where they will would be helpful.

Overall, it was a great time.  I know I wasn’t the only one who was completely exhausted by the end.  It was such a relief to get back to the cool, coastal weather.

I saved my VIP swag bag for Cindy and I to go through together on Monday, and we found some awesome treasures!  Here are my favorites:

There were tons of other items as well.

It was an exciting time.  I’m looking forward to Boobiepalooza 2013.


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