Emotion Coaching Journey – Part 1

I have a strong desire to be a great mom.  People tell me all the time that I am but I wonder, what defines a great mom.  Some have told me that I fall into this category because my kids are happy, they are well behaved, I work full time, I own my own business, and overall, everyone seems happy.  But I still don’t feel satisfied.  I don’t think I can be identified as a great mom until we see how my children turn out.

The type of person my children will become is very important to me because I don’t want them to be like me in many ways.  I don’t want them to immediately stress out, to have emotional break downs, not be able to communicate well, not be able to explain/talk about their emotions, and so much more!  These are areas that I have just written off in the past as “this is who I am, I can’t change and if you can’t put up with it, go somewhere else”.  <—What a seriously NEGATIVE attitude I have!!  I don’t want my children to have this same attitude!

I was recently sent to a seminar at work called “How to Deal with Difficult People”.  I won’t get into why I went to it because it’s not important.  The one take away I had from this seminar was that the difficulty starts with ME.  That was so obvious yet not.  But it got me thinking.  If I want my children to not be like me, I need to change me…my attitude and perspective.

My oldest daughter (3 years old) constantly whines and has emotional breakdowns.  She’s JUST LIKE ME.  So I started searching for a solution.  Somehow my search led me to Kimberley Blaine’s The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children.

I’ve decided to read this book, implement the recommendations, and document my journey as I try to be an emotion coach for my daughter and son.  I hope you’ll join me because I feel like it’s an important one to take and try to master to the best of my ability.  It’s important to me that my children become the best possibile person they can be and I think the tools Ms. Blaine has provided are enlightening.

Are you familiar with Emotion Coaching?  How do you handle emotional situations with your children?  Let me know!

3 responses to “Emotion Coaching Journey – Part 1

  1. Is it kosher to comment on our own blog posts? I’m actually really excited to read this series of posts. I struggle with some of the same issues as you Cindy, and I’m looking forward to learning from you on this.

  2. You might also like reading “Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child” by Dr. John Gottman. Good luck with this exercise. I look forward to following these posts.

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