Capturing Precious Moments

As a wedding planner, having a photographer at the event is a MUST HAVE on EVERY bride’s list.  They want professionals to capture and tell the story of their special day and to remind the couple years later how much love was surrounding them.  Brides pay thousands of dollars to do this and I truly believe that it’s important to invest in a photographer.  Daniele from Daniele Rose Photography (and Lavender and Twine) said to me once: “Couples walk away with one thing from their wedding and that’s their pictures.  If there was a fire, what would people run into the house to grab?  Their albums!”

I also believe that it’s an important investment once you have a family.  I love the pictures my parents have of me when I was a baby but then the pictures just sort of disappear and I’m left wondering what happened in my childhood.  I see the occassional birthday party pictures at McDonald’s (back in the day) but those are the only pictures I remember seeing.  Pictures help keep memories alive in our minds and I wish I had pictures to help me remember how I was as a child.

I’m not saying that every picture needs to be a professional one but there’s just something about a professional picture that stirs a different emotion within me.  There are moments in life where you should have a professional capture them.  You shouldn’t always be behind the camera!  Something else to think about: There are plenty of photographers out there that are truly afforable ranging from $40 an hour to $200 an hour. 

Here are a few tips on finding the photographer that’s right for you.

  1. Find a photographer who’s style makes you swoon.  Seriously.  You want one that will make you say “awww” because that means you’re connecting with the picture.  If the pictures don’t evoke some sort of positive emotion, it’s probably time to move on to the next photographer.
  2. When you’re comparing photographers, ask how many pictures are included in the package.  You’ll also want to know if they will be edited or will they be the raw files.
  3. Ask how much time they’re going to spend with you.  Some high end photographers will do mini sessions where you get 30 minutes with them but the rates are heavily discounted.  This is a GREAT way to get awesome pictures at an afforable rate.
  4. Ask to look at their order pricing guide.  It’s likely that you’ll fall in love with more than the number of pictures they’ve included in the package.  Figure out how much it’ll cost to add pictures to the bill.
  5. Ask them the turn around time on your pictures.  This is important because if a photographer takes months to return pictures to you, you probably want to make sure you don’t need the pictures immediately.

Run out and get some pictures taken of the whole family including the furry ones!

Here are some examples of professional photographers capturing our family thoughout the years.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Do you take professional photos of your family?  Leave a comment below or email us examples of your pictures!


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