Boobie Palooza Here We Come! – A Give Away!

We have another awesome giveaway!  One of the Attachment Parenting Principles is to Feed with Love and Respect so we’re going to help celebrate World Breastfeeding Week by giving away a VIP Pass for 2 to the Boobie Palooza in Los Angeles at the Ebell ($75 value).  What’s so special about this VIP Pass?

To enter, answer this question in the comments below: What is the greatest source of breastfeeding support that you have/had?

We’re running this give away quickly because the event is happening soon!  All entries must be received by midnight PST on Friday, 27 July.  We’ll announce the winner first thing Monday morning after we bow down to the random number generator.  We have rules though:

  1. You must be a local resident (Ventura County or LA) and arrange your own transportation to the event
  2. You should be a supporter of breastfeeding.
  3. One entry per person otherwise, you’ll be disqualified.

Finally, if you can’t wait to hear who the winner is and have a need to purchase your tickets now, receive $5 off by using the code Mamas5

Special Event will Bring Awareness and Education to SoCal Moms in Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week

WHO: Berlin Wellness Group and The Pump Station & Nurtury

WHAT: Boobie-Palooza 2012

WHY: In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, Boobie-Palooza will offer a full day of related activities to SoCal moms including expert panels, a sling clinic, exhibitors, entertainment and a beer garden. There will also be a live nurse-in with appearances by Jamie Lynne Grumet (otherwise known as the TIME breastfeeding mom) and Katie Hamilton, who recently found herself in the center of a local controversy when she attempted to nurse at LACMA.

WHEN: Sunday, August 5
Noon to 4:00 p.m.
Nurse-in from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Ebell
743 S Lucerne Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010




19 responses to “Boobie Palooza Here We Come! – A Give Away!

  1. My greatest supporter of breastfeeding (among many) would have to be my DH, he remained my cheerleader even when nursing was unbearably difficult and helped me find local resources and nursing support groups to get through it all. Almost a year later (in 2 weeks) I’m still happily nursing and will be able to continue to nurse until my baby and I decide otherwise. Amazing gift I have been given.

  2. I have been blessed with many people who have supported my breastfeeding my daughter. The most supportive person I would have to say is my husband. I love that when she fusses he says ” do you want to nurse?” He is also supportive of me soon being a tandem nursing mama when our son arrives in October. I have also had support from the VCNM nursing groupon Facebook as well as Sheila and Paris at the New Parent Resource Center. Thank you to these incedible people in my life.

  3. What is the greatest source of breastfeeding support that you have/had? Other moms, especially the local support groups/sisterhood groups like VCNM on Facebook and the weekly sisterhood meetings through the New Parent Resource Center lead by Paris. The been there/done that/succeeded stories and camaraderie of other nursing moms has been invaluable to me in establishing and maintaining a nursing relationship with my daughter, 10 months strong now.

  4. I wrote out this lovely articulate response for 4am but lost it as I couldnt remember my password! Ah the joys. I am not sure if I can pin down who my greatest support was throughout nursing. Everyone I know nurses. I had no one in my family who had chosen do to do otherwise. I assumed I would have a great supply and baby would grow grow grow! It was until my supply hardly showed and the emotional roller coaster arrived did I ever think otherwise. My family and friends told me maybe it was time to switch as Isy was never off of the boob. Literally latched for an hour with a five minute break. My husband would often feed me my meals! A carrier was a God send to me and perhaps was my greatest support because I finally could get off the couch and nurse while on the move!! FB, VCNM, Netflix, and hours playing on my smartphone kept me somewhat sane!

  5. The greastest source of nursing support for nursing my sweet baby girl twins has come from my DH, Paris, Shiela, and the mamas of VCNM at the New Parent Resource Center, and fellow twins mama, Megan O’Brien. There’s a misconception in the twins community right off the bat that your body won’t make enough milk to support multiples, however it’s just not true! It is possible with your commitment and the right support. I’m hoping to pass on the same support and encouragement to other fellow twins mamas that they can do it! My extra ticket will go to a twins mama because we work double the time so we need double the break that booby palooooooza can provide! 🙂

  6. My greatest breastfeeding supporter would have to be my sister! Watching her breastfeeding her kids is what originally inspired me and taught me that it was possible even with bumps in the road! I also am lucky to have my awesome VCNM sisterhood! 🙂 Blessed 🙂

  7. My biggest BF support has been my mother. She has showed me the way it worked for her and it has been working for us ever since. My hubby supported me as well. He knows its the best thing for our baby. My son is now 5.5 months and still nursing. Love the bond we have and cherishing it because I know I will miss it someday.

  8. I would have to say my biggest supporter was my aunt she was there from the beginning to help get started and showed me that there are other ways to nurse besides the traditional sitting straight up like the lc showed me in the hospital. My next biggest supporter was nprc sisterhood and Paris and all the mamas I’ve met through there I wouldn’t be here nursing my 15 mo old now if it wasn’t for all these people.

  9. My best support has been my DH along with sisterhood n VCNM…if it wasn’t for the best nurse @ CMH though I would have never been able to even get started with the great breast feeding relationship that I have now with my daughter

  10. I’d have to say my greatest support was my mom! She spoke often of her fond memories of nursing my brother and me and sent me all sorts of books & articles on the benefits of breastfeeding while I was pregnant. With all those good breastfeeding vibes I never thought for a second that I’d do anything else!

  11. My biggest supporter has to be all the women who came before me and my love of realism and biology, or my mother and mother-in-law who both breastfed their babes.

  12. My biggest supporter is definitely my husband. He’s one of the tallest people I know. Oh. That’s not what you meant? LOL! But seriously, he’s been wonderfully supportive. I nursed our first until he self-weaned at nearly three years old, and he never flinched. And he’s never asked me when I plan to wean, or pushed the idea. Plus, he shares night time parenting with our co-sleeping kiddos! Isn’t that just about the most amazing gift a husband can give his wife? I love the guy…. A close second would be a tie between the mamas at the NPRC Sisterhood and VCNM, but there’s a lot of crossover there. Honorable mention goes to Cindy Maynard :0)

  13. My wonderful neighbor, Emily, added me to a Nursing Mamas FB group. I don’t know how I would have survived the first 2 months of sleepless nights nursing my newborn son without this group. I learned so much as a first time mom reading over all the posts in those late night/early morning hours. Now that I’m comfortable enough posting my own questions and comments, I’ve gotten even more out of this online community! Meeting some of the mommies at Thursday BF group in Camarillo has been amazing too!

    {edited by MAW to protect privacy}

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