Kick Off Give Away: Win an Erin Condren Life Planner!

Hello mamas!

We’re super excited about our blog going live today and we want to share the excitement with you by doing a kick-off give away.  With all of the web based products that claim to help keep your life organized, some of us mamas still like to write things down and keep a planner.  Introducing the Erin Condren LIFE PLANNER.  That’s right, a LIFE planner.  These planners are AMAZING (no, they don’t change diapers or cook dinner for you), super cute and help keep your life organized on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

I have used the life planners for 2 years now and I love them!  Check out my crazy planner/file cabinet/event reminder/storage.

  1. This is the front cover design and color that I chose.  I was able to choose the wording on the front coveras well and the design process was extremely easy!  The hardest part (and longest part) was trying to figure out which design and color combination I liked the most.
  2. The inside cover of my planner.  I love the details that Erin Condren has on her planners.  You can’t see it under my sticky notes (I have sticky notes everywhere in my planner) but she adds words of encouragement in the Erin Condren color scheme throughout the entire planner.  It’s fantastic!
  3. Here’s an example of a week and month view.  For the weekly, you have Sunday through Saturday and on the side of each week you have goals and to do lists.  This is great for various things.  In my world though, my goals and to dos are the same because my GOAL is TO DO everything on my list.  🙂  The monthly view is a great way to have an overview of what’s happening.  It can also be used to document life events/milestones (Baby Boy walked for the first time!).
  4. Another view of our weekly planner so you can see what it looks like for the ENTIRE week (refer back to #3).
  5. Labels are also included so you can add them to your weekly planner.  There are blank labels so you can create your own and/or use the pre made ones that say things like “massage”, “dentist”, “doctor appointment” and more!  I’m telling ya, it’s a LIFE planner and these labels are created with LIFE events.  It’s awesome!
  6. There are notes pages (i.e. blank pages) so you can jot down…NOTES!  Or they can be used as a way to keep kids busy while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office.
  7. In the back of the planner are 2 pockets that allow you to “keep it together” and a ziploc pouch where I can keep my life savings.  Just kidding.  All of those crazy loose items such as business cards that I randomly collect, maybe crayons, or a Bumkins bib.  Erin Condren also includes adorable gift tags or other labels customized with the text you had on the front of your planner cover.  Super adorable!
One final note, the months are separated by colorful tabs with the months on them so you can easily access the month you’re looking for.  Erin Condren also includes cute paper clips so you can turn to the bookmarked pages!
And ANOTHER final note: in the 2013 Life Planner, you have add-on options that are totally awesome like picture stickers ($5), adhesive pen holder ($2.50), additional labels ($3), colorful pens ($8.95)…I’m looking forward to ordering my 2013 life planner!

Are you convinced about how helpful these planners can be?  Well, now’s your chance to own your own Erin Condren Life Planner.  We are trying out Rafflecopter to help us run our give-aways.  

Click here to enter: Erin Condren Life Planner Give-Away and be sure to follow the instructions for each entry.

We’ll run this contest through 31 July 2012 and announce the winner by 5 August on our blog, Facebook Page and Twitter.  The winner will have until 12 August to claim their prize (the winner will need to send us an email).  If they don’t, the next random person will be chosen. We hope you’ll share the love and spread the word about our blog!


46 responses to “Kick Off Give Away: Win an Erin Condren Life Planner!

  1. Hmmm – it just keeps saying “loading” when I try to enter. May be the firewall at my giant company – will try again later, but I want to Enter!!!

  2. Last year I got the fleur feliz in purple…this year I think I want zen gems 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway…and CONGRATS on the new blog!

  3. Can’t beat a great planner! I’m loving the taffy design and the option to choose your own colors!

    • Hi Robyn. Thanks so much for reading! For some reason, the comments were disabled on the About page. Thanks so much for alerting us to that. I believe I’ve fixed it. ~Molly

  4. I love all of her designs! But right now I’m really into the Viva Espana watercolor cover. Such a soothing color scheme!

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